Sarah Kay If I should have a daughter Video on TED com

March 5th, 2013


Tags: poetry ted videos

Derek Sivers Keep your goals to yourself Video on TED com

February 27th, 2013


Tags: habits motivation ted

Ron Gutman The hidden power of smiling Video on TED com

February 1st, 2013


Tags: neuroscience smile ted

Marcin Jakubowski Open sourced blueprints for civilization Video on TED com

October 1st, 2012


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Kevin Slavin How algorithms shape our world Video on TED com

September 7th, 2012


a fascinating talk about how algorithms shape our world

Tags: com sci ted

Jeremy Gilley One day of peace Video on TED com

June 15th, 2012


One mans vision of peace

Tags: peace ted

David Gallo shows underwater astonishments Video on TED com

May 25th, 2012


Tags: ted underwater video

Mark Pagel How language transformed humanity Video on TED com

May 20th, 2012


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Hans Rosling and the magic washing machine Video on TED com

May 17th, 2012


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Bruce Aylward How we ll stop polio for good Video on TED com

May 6th, 2012


how they are planning on stopping polio!

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