Interested in hardware but just a software person Arduino is for you programming

March 23rd, 2011


A reddit about the powerful arduino hardware platform

Tags: programming reddit

Apache Lucene Overview

March 4th, 2011


Text search engine in java from apache

Tags: lucene.apache programming text

Stack Overflow

February 9th, 2011


Top questions of the week from stackoverflow

Tags: programming stackoverflow

Bill the Lizard Books Programmers Don t Really Read

February 2nd, 2011


List of classic programming books and some rather hardcore ones.

Tags: billthelizard books programming

Project Euler

January 22nd, 2011


Great maths challenge site.

Tags: challenges maths programming projecteuler

10 Puzzle Websites to Sharpen Your Programming Skills

January 14th, 2011


A bunch of cool programming challenge websites

Tags: challenges programming sixrevisions


January 4th, 2011


A bunch of good programming tutorials

Tags: programming rgagnon tutorials

20 Useful PHP jQuery Components amp Tutorials

December 25th, 2010


Tags: digg jQuery php programming tutorials

Matt Mazur Experimenting with a Neural Network based Poker Bot

December 22nd, 2010


Interesting article on poker bots

Tags: bots mattmazur poker programming

IP address geolocation SQL database IPInfoDB

December 19th, 2010


A few handy geolocation databases.

Tags: blogama geolocation programming

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