10 Amazing Tricks to Play with your Brain

January 5th, 2012


some nice brain tricks

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Room Color and How it Affects your Mood

September 15th, 2011


How colours effect you

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Study Suggests Hand Washing Cleanses The Mind NPR

August 26th, 2011


Clean your hands, clean your mind!

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Wired 7 11 This Is Your Brain on God

July 26th, 2011


What happens to your brain on god

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epoc headset

July 10th, 2011


A shop that sells neuroheadsets.

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Penn Gazette Essays Notes from the Undergrad

June 14th, 2011


Yawning is good for you!

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Growing New Brain Cells And Wiring Them Up

June 13th, 2011


Guide to growing new brain cells

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Takotsubo cardiomyopathy Wikipedia the free encyclopedia

June 2nd, 2011


It\'s possible to die from a broken heart!

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Henry Markram builds a brain in a supercomputer Video on TED com

April 18th, 2011


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tallguywrites Schizophrenia

April 14th, 2011


An interesting and educational comic on schizophrenia.

Tags: brain comic schizophrenia tallguywrites.livejournal