November 10th, 2011


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Hi Guy,Thanks for your blog. I don't know if reading you and Brian rrlluaegy has affected my brain in a good way or bad way, I am yet to decide. lolI always enjoy them because sometimes I don't always agree with you but that is what makes it fun.Today I wasn't sure but then realised, I watch cr@9 like this too, for example: UFO Hunters and that ghost hunting one. We all like the sciency tv that promises a little candy. Your blog prompted me to watch a few episodes of this one.I have notice something about this style of tv show This new investigainment (I just made up a word .yippee) genre is much the same as the boy-band' phenomenon in my mind.Remember, almost every boy band had the following “diversity without replication”: the short, half cute one that could actually sing, one a bit ugly but emotional, the eye-candy, the bad boy, and the generic but inoffensive.The subject matter for each episode is usually quite interesting and you want to know more.We are like junkies. We need that hit. Damn them to Hell!Sadly, after each episode I feel like that crack whore who sells her soul only to get home to find she was ripped off.These shows tease you along but in the end really don't come up with anything. But they are probably more entertaining than a few prime time hits that I won't mention.At least they a little thought provoking. I will continue to watch some and hope they lead me to the holy grail of investigainment ..if only Brian did video. lol


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