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April 25th, 2013


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hello vernz! maau ni nga project imo nahnua hunaan! salamatlink me: by the way, i clicked on the badge na gicopy nko sa imong list box pro murag mali mn ang link. pkicheck dw. basin ako ang mali


I have Scooby who is in a HUGE copycat stage, going MOM! at the top of his lungs all day, eepscially if I don't drop what I am doing right that second. Then, I have Jellybean who starts with the MOM! like she's dying as soon as she walks in the door. It's one of the blessings of hearing aids. I can turn them off when I really need a break. ;)


I'm sooo with you. Nothing grates on the neevrs more than hearing MOM! bellowed from the other end of the house. I once made my daughter write an apology note for doing that. http://xcokgyifo.com [url=http://duixwpaqvwy.com]duixwpaqvwy[/url] [link=http://xsiyjyhb.com]xsiyjyhb[/link]


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