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March 8th, 2013


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This may very well be the catalyst of what I have wiettrn about on on the topics of and the .Those who are like minded in working as content creators in the minimalist Zen like paradigm of solo vj'ism can now look at niche programming and develop one's own unique branding, vision, what have you of what it means to broadcast those topics that are relevant to you and those who would also find the content important enough to view.The biggest challenge still is finding revenue to support such ventures but it seems that this is being ironed out as well according to .These two issues IMO, are the death knell for as you put it - "Appointment TV".Add to this the ability of vj's to create their own version of local news broadcasts and the flood gates are opened up - no longer is the public fed filtered news based upon corporate news media agendas - all news will have its unique viewpoint - and that's not necessarily a bad thing.Cheers mate!


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