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February 4th, 2013


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o One might not even know one is *using* EHCache or Quartz or xxx until one sees these log messages. They could be buired several layers deep in dependencies. How to know that one can/should turn something off, when one doesn't even know it's there to *be* turned off?o Opt-in is a community norm. You're supposed to expect people to be suspicious. You're supposed to leave things like phone-home off by default. You're supposed to explain what it does for the user and trust him to have some sympathy with the goals of people who give away useful stuff. This is probably why people get angry.o Big applications take long enough to start. If various bits are phoning home when they initialize, people will feel that the overhead of DNS resolution and TCP handshake (not to mention whatever the application layer is doing) add too much startup cost, whether it's true or not. And, while big app.s may run for a long time, they may *also* have little commandline pieces that are run very frequently but which pay the same overhead because they use the same core code (reusability, you know).

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