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September 2nd, 2011


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Related Questions: Lately I have been feeling loleny and sad. I feel nostalgia and that feeling where is seems like there is an empty hole in your chest and you just dont know what to do. It came just randomly and idk what to do! HELP!!!Answer:By:Kayla H i know what you mean about the empty hole in your chest, i have that too. i have been diagnosed with depression for ... I have cut myself for a few years and usually I just cut on my wrists or legs but now its summer and there arent many good places where I can cut without my parents finding out.Oh, and please dont judge me. I have my own reasons for cutting and Id prefer if you kept your personal judgements to yourself.Answer:By:SDOG The swimming thing is tricky. I cut basically ...


That's a smart way of loknoig at the world.


Renee HawkinsJuly 13, 2011Thank you Susan! I was so apprehensive about accepting this t#0;assignmen2,&28228; but my confidence is improving. I wish I had had something like Khan when I was in Junior High. I had a wonderful math teacher, but really could have used the extra instruction. Sigh…this generation get all the good stuff


Hello po, Ask ko lang po. 15 years old lang po ako. Then nag start po ko magparebond nung Grade.4 palang ako, Tas ngayon po. Nahihgaarfall po ko. Sobrang numipis na yung buhok ko. Mapapabalik po ba ng novu hair lotion yung dating kapal ng buhok ko?? ?


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