PHP Memcache Manual

July 3rd, 2012


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A couple of notes, sanizite your request variables before pulling data directing into you code. Avoid using double quote for simple string echo as it is extra load on php parsing use single quote instead. Play with MVC type frameworks such as Zends framework to get familiar with design patterns. Nice tutorial for beginners but be warned, I had to fire a bunch of people recently who programmed like this go back to programming basics and learn popular framework methodologies.


Hey your turaitols are great..Are you going to do any other turaitols besides forums? I would like 1 where users can chat like a chat room.I tried going through the turaitols and always something comes up while I am doing it, can you post the full source for all the files please?


thx for your tutorial!!! I laneerd alot! has the series of PHP Forum tutorial finished? or few more lessons? I watched all the tutorial in your websites!Thanks for your sharing and time!!! WE really appreciate it! [url=]jddxxbdl[/url] [link=]olfbjexrj[/link]


totally my major only I am not at Bachelors Degree but I have excperience with MYSQL, HTML, jarpscviat and CSS and social media and wordpress. Can I apply?

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