OneTaste Workshop Lucid Dreaming II

November 20th, 2012


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and here is more about dream recall Dream reloicectlon is the ability to remember dreams. Good dream recall is often described as the first step towards lucid dreaming. Better recall increases awareness of dreams in general; with limited dream recall, any lucid dreams one has can be forgotten entirely. To improve dream recall, some people keep a dream journal, writing down any dreams remembered the moment one awakes. An audio recorder can also be very helpful. It is important to record the dreams as quickly as possible as there is a strong tendency to forget what one has dreamt. For best recall, the waking dreamer should keep eyes closed while trying to remember the dream, and one's dream journal should be recorded in the present tense. Dream recall can also be improved by staying still after waking up, so the principles of state-dependent memory may apply. Similarly, a dreamer who changes positions in the night may be able to recall certain events of the dream by testing different sleeping positions.[citation needed] Another easy technique to help improve dream recall is to simply repeat (in thoughts or out loud) I shall remember my dreams , before falling asleep. Stephen LaBerge recommends that you remember at least one dream per night before attempting any induction methods.


I am not certain if DMT itslef is related to dreams, however there is research suggesting that a tryptamine derivative is involved in dream visions.A study done at the School of Pharmacy, University of California, San Francisco states in :The visions of dream sleep are suggested to occur through a dream mechanism which implicates tryptamine derivatives as endogenous psychedelics. The hallucinations that occur in some schizophrenic syndromes are also proposed to occur through a similar, though desynchronized, mechanism. These compounds occur in the human pineal gland and are regarded as neurotransmitters or neuroregulators. A protocol for experimental verification is suggested.

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