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April 27th, 2012


bunch of funny and wrong images

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No, my reasoning still sdtans. There is no reason somebody running a hacking forum can't still be a part of the general discussion sections, or offer a suggestion into how mybb could run better. We just don't offer support. Period. It's the same with forums containing porn. We don't support those either.What it comes down to is a single decision. We have to make a judgement on whether the forum asking for support fits our guidelines, which basically outline what mybb wants it's image to be. I'm sure if you walked into a car garage and said to the salesman I want a car so I can run down pedestrians , the salesman would make a decision on whether to support you on that or not. From there it is down to the morals of the salesman. You say hacking isn't illegal, and for a minority of cases you are correct. However, for the majority it is illegal. We can possibly vet every thread on a forum (I know this guy was denied support with no threads). Similarly to how we can't vet every thread on a porn forum for child pornography. So instead we just say no. . Mybb is meant to be a software for all ages. We have moral obligations to attempt to avoid exposing minors to content that is unsuitable. And in many people's eye, hacking is unsuitable. Also, in your eyes is hacking not the same as hot-wiring a car, or shooting your ex-wife? All three are illegal, all 3 will probably end up with you in jail, and all 3 are socially unacceptable to the majority of society.


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