Getting Started with Java EE 6 Applications

February 8th, 2013


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Hi, I am very sorry for the trouble you have. I am afirad that I may not offter you an English menu. Basically, first solider all the leds, the 64 leds in each layer share the same anode, while the 8 leds in each column shared the same cathode. So there are 8 anodes and 64 cathodes on the board.About programming, if you are using the Xuping's version, plug the USB cable, and you would find a serial port on your PC. Then you may send 2 bytes, like 0xf1 0 00 , which refers to turn off all leds, 0xf1 0xff means turns all leds on. There are other 2 commands, 0xf1, 0xf2.There is a blog about 3D8 driven by arduino. There is a sample code there. Wish it would make more sense to you.


Hi, the jewellers wire is used for two tghnis:1) For connecting together strips of four LEDs in order to form each of the layers2) To connect the common cathodes of each layer to the Arduino. It doesn't really matter where you place these strips of wire, though I tend to put them just inside the cube structure. You need to attach one piece of jewellers wire to each of the layers, which will then feed down into your case so that you can connect the layers to the Arduino. [url=]zitjydjidq[/url] [link=]qsxzzuvql[/link]

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