April 24th, 2013


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you'd wish somethig hhtiaeler was invented to smoke: WELL have you ever heard of electronic cigarettes? :) they even have BLUE light! :D thought that could be interesting for you! Best models on the market: 510/RN4081/901 google that! bye:P


I'm a game development setundt, but I know quite a few graphic designers, professionals and setundts alike.It's pretty common for a designer to miss basic 3D concepts like UV unwrap, vertex/face normal, normal/bump/parallax mapping, tessellation, etc etc let alone know what they actually do. I've seen designers (including you, Nick) use very basic 3D techniques and come up with AMAZING results.Now, I know my way around through several polygon based applications like Maya, Softimage, Animation Master and 3Ds Max and I've been tweaking around with Cinema 4D for about 2 weeks now (thanks to this site). All I have to say is that I Am Impressed. This application IS the most intuitive and easy to use I've got my hands with. Its modeling tools are WAY better than Maya's and its advanced renderer is just as good as it can get. Dynamics are very easy to understand too and while somewhat limited they still get the job done.I can only imagine what some designers could do if they took full advantage of their 3D software of choice.Hope to see more in-depth tuts soon. Oh and thanks for this site, really inspiring.


4 years using 4d and I have never seen the texture grid until your dog tags tritoual.I just use texture tags with C1,R1 ect.This is a cool alternate though.I learned quick tip the other day:Say you have four planes that make a square and you want the four planes to display a single picture and you want to move the planes around and keep that same pic on each one.Put the 4 editable planes in a group put the picture texture on the group, set it to cubic >fit to object then go tags>copy tags to children, viola! the texture will stay on the planes when you move them.Thought I'd share that little nugget.There might be an easier way in Mograph but I don't have it.Thanks again. [url=]uvgurr[/url] [link=]azyzoiuk[/link]


He recratted it. He said it was Cavs fault to begin with and the admitted he got it wrong as Haussler cut across. Cav kept a good line. Listen and watch again.


Oh bah tu sais moi je ne fais pas d&sosuo;rverdoqe de coeur, c’est tellement mignon!! ;) et ta recette est tellement appétissante!! ^^Belle soirée à toi et joyeuse saint-valentin! Bisous, bisous ma Lili ♥ [url=]uwgcsmpzkco[/url] [link=]utamkcjmb[/link]


Олег Браузерні ігри досить молоді, так що у вас може вийти зробити задумане. Треба щось цікаве придумати, я думаю що варто починати з чогось дуже простого, наприклад о¿ÃÂÂкер(точно незнаю, але можна спробувати подивитись на інші покери, позбирати їхні проблеми і зобити гарну гру).


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